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Albert & Mary Elizabeth Townsend at the Elephant & Castle and later at Castle View Farm & their Family


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Sam Bennett sharpening a scythe. Sam played fiddle for Francis Shergold's Morris men at Whitsun. He lived in Warwickshire and walked to Bampton. He used to stay with Mr & Mrs Townsend at Castle View Farm and stayed for a while to work on Mr Townsend's farm each year. Sam Bennett (1865-1951) had the distinction of being called “a rotter” by Cecil Sharp. Bennett was responsible for reviving the Morris tradition in the Warwickshire village of Ilmington. Although a fiddle player himself, he learned the tunes from a local pipe and tabor player, Tom Foster, who “no longer had enough teeth to hold the pipe in place.” In the process of reviving the dances, Bennett did some improving and inventing along the way. To Sharp, this was inexcusable meddling; what he most treasured about traditional dance was that is was supposedly not the work of individual creativity, but of centuries of continuous evolution by the common, preferably uneducated people. Bennett was recorded in 1933 by a Harvard academic, James Madison Carpenter. Being a self-taught fiddler, and having learned his tunes directly from a piper, it is little wonder that his playing, though very rhythmic, was plain and unadorned except with frequent open-string drones.

A scene inside the Londis supermarket on the south side of the Market Square taken in 1977. Dora Townsend can just be seen in the very bottom left.

The adults are the Carnival committee and they are judging the Fancy Dress entrants. Some names in the back row L-R ??, ??, Dora Townsend from Castle View farm, ??, Peggy Roberts who had a hair dressing business, Son Townsend Dora's brother, Harold Hargreaves and ??. Front row L-R ??, ??, ??, Mrs Temple, ?? Harold Hargreaves and Mrs Temple lived together in Weald Manor Lodge

A Chariot Race held on the Saturday before Whit Monday in 1970. The picture was taken by the Standard Times and Echo. (Frank Hudson at the front right with black hair, his cousin Jim Townsend centre front in the chariot and Cyril Smith just behind Jim's left shoulder.) The Chariot race team was running for the Eagle. The full cast list is Back row L-R Percy Dixey, Bill Neagle, Terry Sweetingham, ??, Cyril Smith. Front Row L-R Ken Mullis, Frank Hudson and the elderly lady is the widow Emmie Sollis who owned and ran the Swan Inn in Buckland Road and when she retired she moved in with widower Alec Townsend of Ashtree Farm in Weald Street.

Bampton Shirt Race. Frank Hudson on the left with his cousin Jim Townsend holding the winners' cups.
Bampton Shirt Race. Frank Hudson pushing the bath with his cousin Jim Townsend sitting in it. This is the parade in the Market Square that takes place before the start of the race when the whole 'get-up' of the contestants is judged. "To the right of the photo are my 2 cousins Bob Hudson in the pram with John Hudson pushing then to the left it’s my cousin Richard Hudson pushing with a friend of his in the pram. These three cousins were the children of Dad's (Bill Hudson's) brother Fred and they lived at Egham in Surrey. Again I’m not sure of the year but feel it’s the year that Bob & John won the race. They were the only two outsiders to have won the race up to me leaving the committee." Quote from Frank Hudson.

Bert Wiltshire, Jack Townsend (son of Albert Townsend of Castle Farm in Bridge Street) and infant Frank Hudson.

Ethel and Gladys Townsend feeding hens in the garden behind the Elephant and Castle where they lived.
Albert Townsend's horse drawn carriage service which he ran from Castle View Farm on Bridge Street. He particularly took people to and from Bampton railway station which was about 2 miles outside Bampton on the edge of what is now RAF Brize Norton. He was very enterprising having one of the first, if not the first lorries in Bampton which he used to collect coal from the station for selling. This lorry would be scrubbed spotless, seats fastened to the floor and the children from the Methodist Sunday school taken for a day trip to Savernake Forest for a treat once a year. He also farmed, first keeping pigs behind the Elephant and Castle when he had the license there and then with other farming aspects when he moved across the road to Castle View Farm.

Albert and young 'Son' Townsend and 'Peggy' the horse at Elephant and Castle.

Bert Whitlock from Brook Cottage (behind the Elephant & Castle), Jack Townsend of Castle View farm and Bert Wiltshire from 'The Cottage' in Weald Street looking after the pigs at Castle View Farm.

Albert and Gladys[snr] Townsend and their children Gladys, Ethel and the dogs. Albert and Gladys were the grandparents of Frank Hudson.

Albert Townsend's Driving Licence, 1922. Donated by Frank Hudson, Albert's grandson

The outside of Albert Townsend's Driving Licence 1922.

2 children on milk churn stand. This picture was in the album put together by Dora Townsend of Castle View farmhouse but sadly, there was no caption to say who the children were or when the picture was taken but it was probably 1950s

Albert (Sonner) Townsend and brother Jack with bicycle. They lived at Castle View Farm in Bridge Street
Albert Townsend senior as a young man. When he married Mary Elizabeth nee Portlock they bought the Elephant & Castle and about 1939 they moved across the road and bought Castle View Farm where they spent the rest of their lives

Mrs Rogers on left. Albert Townsend senior and wife Mary Elizabeth. 1958. Mrs Rogers' sweet shop in Bridge House next to the Elephant & Castle was half way between Swindon and Oxford and somehow, Mrs Rogers managed to get double sweet rations during the war.

Soldiers from WWII possibly in Italy. Jack Townsend on L. Albert Preston next to Jack.

Jack Townsend on right and friend in WWII uniform.

Albert Townsend senior with daughter Gladys.

Left to right, Ann Shergold, Penny Daniels and Dora Townsend cooking a S.P.A.J.E.R.S. dinner.
Ethel Hudson (nee Townsend) with baby Frank. Ethel died when Frank was 7 weeks old and he was brought up by his grandparents Albert and Mary Elizabeth Townsend & their daughter Dora Townsend, Frank's Aunt.
Edie Hudson, Frank Hudson's aunt. Frank was raised by his grandparents Mr & Mrs Albert Townsend at Castle Farm.

Bill Hudson, father of Frank Hudson of Castle View Farm with Albert Townsend's lorry. Albert and his wife Mary Elizabeth owned the farm and raised Frank after his mother Ethel died when he was 7 weeks old
Jack Townsend in WWII uniform 10th April 1942.

Bampton women in Civil Defence uniforms. Dora Townsend is back right. Also includes Mrs Ada Tanner. Dora drove an ambulance during WWII.

Coach outing in 1931. Includes Bert Whitlock, Jim Townsend, Mrs Kitchen and Daughter, Aggie Becket, Tom Smith, Granny Smith, Ted Kitchen, Mrs. Albert Townsend, Dora Townsend, Elsie ? and Bess Portlock.
'Digging for Victory', The Townsend family collecting the potato harvest at Castle View Farm.

Postcards sent by Jack Townsend to his mother, Mary Elizabeth Townsend and his sister Dora Townsend, during WWII. Dated 11th April 1942 and 20th June 1942.

Written sides of postcards sent home during WWII by Jack Townsend to his mother Mary Elizabeth Townsend and sister Dora. These are the reverse sides of the postcards with the titles To My Mother and To My Sister
Bringing in the hay at Castle View Farm. Bert Whitlock and George Smith in front of the Baby Fordson tractor, Son Townsend driving. George Smith was the husband of Annie Amelia, a lady known by the nickname 'Ginger' all her life. George was a fool for the Morris at one time and his nickname was Punch; he died in January 1977 aged 75. Bert, Herbert, died in June 1974 aged 66.

Castle View farmhouse in the 1950s owned by Albert and Mary Elizabeth Townsend. Their daughter Dora and grandson Frank Hudson also lived with them

Albert Townsend, centre, with two of his three children Frank and Gladys on Whit Monday 1955. They lived at Castle View Farm. The Elephant and Castle is in the background

Postcards sent to their Daddy, Albert Townsend, in WWI by Gladys, Jack and Albert (always known as Son or Sonner) Townsend.

The backs of the postcards sent to Albert Townsend by his children Gladys, Jack and Albert (always known as Son or Sonner). The date on the bottom of one card 1918 and they are all to wish Albert love at Christmas. WWI ended November 11th 1918 so perhaps the cards were sent before this date in the hope they would reach their father in time for Christmas

Two silk cards sent by Albert Townsend from France in WWI, to his family, in 1917.

The backs of the postcards sent by Albert Townsend to his family, from France in 1917, WWI.

Cards from and for Albert Townsend, fighting in WWI in France.

Reverse side of WW1 postcards from the Townsend family to and from France.

Three WWII soldiers. Jack Townsend from Castle View farm on the right.

Left to right, Doris and Cecil Robinson (with gun) and Ethel Townsend.

Gladys and Ethel Townsend, daughters of Albert and Mary Elizabeth Townsend with their chickens at the back of their home, the Elephant & Castle. Albert also kept pigs there.

Dan Townsend shepherd and brother of Albert Townsend of Castle View farm in Bridge Street

Dora Townsend as a child sitting on a pig, 1927 when she lived at the Elephant and Castle. Her parents were Albert and Mary Elizabeth Townsend and she had older sister Ethel and Gladys and a brother Albert who was always known as either Son or Sonner

Albert Townsend Snr. and daughter Gladys at their home, Castle View Farm in Bridge Street

Frank Hudson with 2 Shire horses at Castle View farm where his was brought up by his grandparents Albert and Mary Elizabeth Townsend. Bridge House next to the Elephant and Castle in the background

L to R:- John, Daisy, Auntie Mercy (Auntie to Frank Hudson), Uncle Edgar with Albert Townsend Snr. at Albert's Castle View Farm in Bridge Street

Dora Townsend on a horse with father Albert Townsend Snr. Milk churns in the background.

L to R:- Grampy Portlock (Grampy to Frank Hudson), Ethel Townsend and Dora Townsend on the horse. Back of Elephant and Castle.
a900.jpg Outing to Southsea. Back row L to R:- May Eeles, Rita Stroud (sister of Roy Stroud organist at St Mary's), Doris Lewin, Dora Townsend, Front Row L to R:- Margaret Gills, Betty Parker, Winnie Brown.

Albert Townsend Jnr. As a toddler known as Son or Sonner all his life. Look at the smocking

Jack Townsend brother of Dora and 'Son', drove for the Royal Army Signal Corp. Photographed on VJ Day, 15/8/45 WWII. Tinted photograph

Mary Elizabeth Townsend in service in London, later wife of Albert Townsend of Elephant & Castle & later Castle View Farm, Bridge St opposite the Elephant & Castle.

Mary Elizabeth Townsend, wife of Albert Townsend Snr. Standing in the doorway

Albert Townsend Snr. with wife, Mary Elizabeth Townsend outside Castle View Farm.

Ethel and Edith Mould, from Richmond. A photograph from Dora Townsend's collection. On the back is written, Dad's eldest sister and daughter. Dad being Albert Townsend Snr from Castle View Farm on Bridge Street
The wedding of Gladys Townsend to Frank Ginger. On the back of the photograph is written Feb: 12th 1936. George, Joan, Frank, Gladys Dora and 'Son', real name Albert.

From Dora Townsend's collection of photographs; information on the back of the photograph says:- Dora Townsend and Kate ? as bridesmaids at the wedding of Son and Mary Townsend in Buckland R.C. church. August 10th 1939. Son was his nick-name and he was called Son or Sonner all his life. His real name was Albert, the same as his father.

Mary, the wife of Son Townsend, on her wedding day. Son's real name is Albert but he was called Son or Sonner all his life

Gladys Townsend at her wedding to Frank Ginger. She is being given away by her brother, Son Townsend. It is dated 12th February 1936. Son's real name was Albert, but he was called either Son or Sonner all his life.

At the seaside. On the back of the photograph is written Doris, Ethel and Rita Stroud.

a900 L-R back row - May Eeles, Rita Stroud nee Aires, Doris Lewin, Dora Townsend. Front L-R ?, Betty Parker, Winnie Brown.

A917 From Dora Townsend's collection, a photgraph of Doris Robinson

A918 From Dora Townsend's collection of family photo's. On the back it says, Aunty Eliza, Dad's (Albert Townsend's) eldest sister.

Iris Rogers (left) and Dora Townsend (Right). On the back is written Iris Rogers Dora Townsend at the Mill Green many years ago sat just over on the grass, middle part. Although a little garbled, it refers to the middle triangular grass patch on Mill Green.

A922 Dora Townsend as a little girl with a family of ducklings, at the back of the Elephant and Castle, then a pub in Bridge Street. Note the barrels and milk churns in the background.

A923 Unknown woman in WWII uniform; a picture from the collection of Dora Townsend so perhaps one of the Townsend family or a friend of Dora

Stalls at the Donkey Derby in Sandford Field. Dora Townsend in sunglasses.

Frank Hudson with Dora Townsend, his Aunt who brought him up along with Dora's parents after the death of his mother Ethel. They are standing in the garden of Castle View Farm, with the then thatched Elephant and Castle in the background.

Gladys Townsend who became Mrs Gladys Ginger. Gladys was one of the daughters of Albert and Mary Elizabeth Townsend of Castle View Farm

A927 Dora Townsend as a child, with Ethel Townsend her older sister. Ethel was born in 1907 and Dora in 1921

A929 Son Townsend (real name Albert) with horse Peggy and 'Grampy'. From Dora Townsend's collection; dated June 18th 1935. At Castle View farm on Bridge Street

A930 A photograph from the collection of Dora Townsend of her sister, Ethel Townsend on a bicycle.

A931 Townsend family wedding from Dora Townsend's collection. On the back is written Ernie, Flossie, Uncle Dan and Auntie Bynye. Uncle Dan was certainly Dan Townsend, the shepherd brother-in-law of Albert Townsend Snr. Daniel Gardner is the elderly gent second from right. Ernie ?? and Flossie Gardner getting married. The Gardners may have lived at Ampney Crucis. "Daniel Gardner was brother-in-law to my Grandfather Albert Townsend (of Castle View Farm in Bridge St.) and he married Sabina Townsend in Aston/Cote on 7/9/1901." quote from Frank Hudson

A934 Photograph from Dora Townsend's collection of Mary Elizabeth Tonwsend, (Dora Townsend's mother, Frank Hudson's grandmother.) dated August 29th 1905
Albert & Mary Elizabeth Townsend bought the Elephant & Castle about 1911 then Castle Farm across the road 1939. This is a photograph of their wedding April 14th 1906.
Albert Townsend with pony & trap. He bought the Elephant & Castle in 1911 then moved across the road when he bought Castle Farm in 1939 where he raised pigs. He also ran a coal deliver business, collecting the coal in bulk from Brize Norton and Bampton railway station in a once of the first lorries ever owned by someone in Bampton. He used a beautiful horse drawn vehicle as a taxi taking people to and from the station and was basically a true entrepreneur.
Albert Townsend's model T lorry outside the Elephant & Castle
Back row L to R. Bill Hudson (father of Frank), Son Townsend son of Albert: Centre. Albert with daughters Gladys & Dora Townsend: Front L to R. Mary holding baby Mary, Frank Hudson, Mary Elizabeth Townsend snr
Albert Townsend on the left, possible at Abingdon market

Img136 From the Dora Townsend collection of photographs. Sadly no names known or where the picture was taken. What is clear is that there are several sets of twins in the picture.
Albert Townsend (left) and brother Edgar in Castle View farmyard
L to R. Jack Townsend, Frank Hudson (Jack's nephew), Gladys (sister), Bert Whitlock employee who lived in the stone cottage behind the Elephant & Castle called Brook Cottage. Notice the railway carriage used to store animal feed + large barn in Castle Farm yard
Mary Elizabeth Portlock married Albert Townsend & they bought the Elephant & Castle in 1911 then Castle View Farm opposite in 1939
Mary Elizabeth Townsend wife of Albert Townsend with her children L to R Albert, always called Son, Gladys, Ethel & baby Jack

Img763 Frank Hudson pushing and his cousin Jim Townsend in the pram. SPAJER shirt race 1960s. Bovingtons the fish shop with blue paint in the background
Winnie Brown and Dora 2 pictures. Townsend in ARP uniform at Castle Farm, Bridge Street, Dora's home. WWII. Also the back of the photo with notes on it.

Img772 Winnie Brown and Dora 2 pictures. Townsend in ARP uniform at Castle Farm, Bridge Street, Dora's home. WWII. Also the back of the photo with notes on it.

Img774 Dora Townsend tipping roast potatoes into a large dish. Ann Shergold on the left holding a plate. At the school kitchen in Bowling Green Close

Img781 Albert Townsend was landlord of the Elephant & Caslte and later lived and farmed Castle Farm, Bridge St. opposite the pub. He owned this haulage lorry, which is loaded with loose hay.

WORD DOCUMENT. Three photographs on one page. One of all WI members Francis Henley, Kate Wiley, Rose Gerring, Mrs Hampton the wife of Dr. Hampton, Mrs Bliss of Bampton House and Audrey Taylor. 2nd photo is of Trav Gordon and Francis Shergold with Mrs Gordon, Bessie Townsend (her husband Alec as a widower later married Mrs Sollis of The Swan) and Ann Shergold. 3rd picture is Mrs Sollis of the Swan (mother or Rose Gerring), Nellie Brooks and Annie Amelia 'Ginger' Smith whose maiden name was Acres.
Mr Townsend of Castle View Farm with a granddaughter and cat in the farmyard.

The Bowling Club annual dinner. Trav Gordon, Francis Shergold, Mrs Gordon, Bessie Townsend, Ann Shergold (on the Word doc photos)

Wedding of 'Sonner' Townsend of Castle View Farm to Mary McGee. 'Sonner' was born in 1914. His sister Dora Townsend is the tall lady on the left.

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