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The Development of Printed Maps of Oxfordshire - From GOUGH to Google

  • BCA - 2017.371
  • Item
  • 1477 - 1877

In October 2012 the Bampton Environmental Watch Group had a wonderful talk given by John Leighfield on the history of maps and in particular maps of Oxfordshire and Bampton. It was very interesting to note that the first maps of Bampton showed the rivers and streams but no roads, showing the importance of waterways. It really is worth looking at the maps of Bampton carefully, you'll see just how old some buildings are, where the mill was in Bampton and Kerwoods Yard which was one area for the very poor with dwellings that had no land with them, they afforded the occupier a roof as opposed to 'the park bench' but no land on which to produce any food. It's referred to in early census forms and people come to Bampton asking where it is - it's on page 15 of this pdf

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Map of Bampton Estate at 1789

  • BCA - 2019.1890
  • Item
  • 1789

This map shows the Bampton Estates at 1789. This is before the fields were enclosed and the names of the people who farmed the strips or the name of the field area are on the map. The Quies fields are each side of the Bampton to Brize Norton road, just north of what is now Hobbs Buildings.
The Clanfield to Bampton road is showing top to bottom on the map whereas it really runs east west, so you need to get your head around that, literally.
What we now call Welcome Way is called Wiltham Way - it runs south from Cowleaze Corner into Weald.
Weald Common Meadow was south of what we now think of as the area containing the two Bampton Business Parks.
The Bampton to Buckland road is showing going left to right on the map when it actually runs NW to SE; it had a turnpike.

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Pre Inclosure map of Clanfield, Bampton, Aston & Yelford

  • BCA - 2020.2392
  • Item
  • 1624

The map is pre Inclosure and covers Clanfield, Bampton, Aston and Yelford. The note with the Yelford map says it was from a map of 1624/5. A note at the right side of the page suggests all these details were pulled together from various sources in 1833 which is post Inclosure, which for the Bampton area was 1821. I can't work out what maps were used for the non-Yelford map but it says HHH is Aston 1771.

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2nd edition maps of 1899 Bampton, Black Bourton, Mt Owen Road

  • BCA - 2020.2393
  • Item
  • 1899

These three maps are all labelled as 2nd edition 1899. They cover the area Central Bampton, north & south, east nearly to Aston, Black Bourton south to Cowleaze Corner, east to Elephant & Castle in Bridge Street and Mt Owen Rd, west to road going up to Lew now called Station Road.
They not only show the buildings but someone has written on in pencil when certain plots were sold and to whom.
Interesting to see the clear fish-farming area with the Deanery then called Deanery Farm, Cobb House simply called Vicarage, Churchgate House called Trinity Vicarage. The third vicarage is today called Kilmore House and is almost opposite the East window of St. Mary's.
What today is called Bridge Street was then called Mill Street and the mill was just to the left of path to Sandford Field from Bridge St. The legend is the mill wheel was buried in the plot to the left of the brook walking to the field from Bridge St and the tree there today was planted at its centre.

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Bampton maps of 1921

  • BCA - 2020.2397
  • Item
  • 1921

The map was produced in 1921. The first map is has been reused to show where council houses were to be built on the south side of New Road and where the sewerage pipes were to be laid to the sewerage works along the Buckland Road.

Mains sewerage came to Bampton in 1958 after a long struggle and at a cost of £105,000. Miss Marjorie Pollard was the driving force but in the end, it was the death of Horace Morse who emptied the 'night soil' buckets twice a week which made it imperative. Jack Bellinger was the first manager of the sewerage works.

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Four OS maps of Bampton 1971

  • BCA - 2020.2401
  • Item
  • 1971

These four maps were all produce in 1971 and cover

Ordinance Survey Plan SP3002-3102 Weald, Hayway Lane, Weald St, Clanfield Road
Ordinance Survey Plan SP3003-3103. Bridge St east to end of houses, north to new school, Colvile Close
Ordinance Survey Plan SP3203-3303. 1971 Mt Owen Rd east inc. Gogg Lane, Aston Rod to Aston
Ordinance Survey Plan SP3002-3102 1971. Cowleaze Corner, Weald to Aston, north to Horse Shoe PH

Fields, property and farms are all clearly marked.

Bampton Community Archive

Morris Dancing Spring Bank Holiday 2000

  • BCA - 2020.2409
  • Item
  • 2000

These photographs, all taken by Bob West at the Spring Bank Holiday day of Morris Dancing 2000. All but the last two are Tony Daniels' morris side, (now at 2020 under Craig Godwin). The next to last picture is of Sherbourne Morris and the last picture is Eynsham Morris, both guests of the local side.

Bampton Community Archive

Spring Bank Holiday Weekend 2004

  • BCA - 2020.2410
  • Item
  • 2004

These pictures all taken by Bob West, were taken in 2004. Many are taken in the garden of the Horse Shoe. Some of the people in the pictures include
Bob West
Ted Poole
Billy Main
Mary Cook & brother Tommy Tanner
Tony Daniels
Dave Rose
Ann & Francis Shergold
Clare Hall
Maurice New
Jasper Walsh
Reg Hall
Jim Buckingham
Heather David (at Tickhill)
Eric Stott
Ivy Poole
Carole New
Liz Rose
Roger West

Bampton Community Archive

Spring Bank Holiday Morris Dancing 2004

  • BCA - 2020.2411
  • Item
  • 2004

These photographs, all taken by Bob West are of the Tony Daniels' morris side in 2004. People in the pictures include
Craig Godwin - who became squire after Tony
Margaret Barnes
Liz Rose
Marian Rouse
Bob West
Andrew West
Brian Rouse
Roger West
Toby Perry
Martin Landray
Ted Poole
Ivy Poole

Bampton Community Archive

The Bampton Beam April 1992

  • BCA - 2020.2414
  • Item
  • April 1992

The Beam was produced 3 and sometimes 4 times a year. This edition from April 1992 included the following topics and advertisers.

A decade of change in Bampton: An appraisal
Low Cost Homes latest
Annual Shirt Race
The Deanery: Restoration & Exploration
Lime Trees in Broad Street
Parish News
Speeding Traffic
Traffic Calming
Parish Council Minutes
McKenie Brown - Electrical Plumbing
Bampton Fax Bureau
Stephen Hailes - Plumbing
MH Thomas - Building, Landscape Gardening and Fencing Contractor
Home Made Labrador - Printing
R Boland & Sons - Fresh fruit & vegetables
J Temple - Hardware, DIY, Fancy Goods and Toys
Bampton Driving School
The Bush Club: Plans for the future
Easter Services
A New Sunday School
Wanted: Singers for Church Choir
The Gardening Column
CBL Electric Vehicles Ltd
Bampton Village Hall
Bampton Youth Centre
Bampton Environmental Watch Group
Bampton WI
The MS Society
The Bampton Bush Club
Bampton Swimming Pool Appeal
Bampton Brownies
Low Cost Housing Supplement: From Appraisal to Action
Ridge & Partners - Chartered Surveyors
Coleman Hicks Partnership - Architects
Fisher & Townsend (Contractors) Ltd - Building Contractors
New Playground
Site map of Bampton
Site plan for low-cost housing scheme
Hedge Your Bets - Environment
Appraisal Questionnaire
Oxford College of Further Education
Bampton Horticultural Society
The Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal
Bampton Pumpkin Club
Bampton Wives Club
Bampton Pre-school Playgroup
Bampton Drama Group
Arts - West Oxfordshire Arts Association
Charles McCord Mussett
Junior Beam
R Cooper - Builders
The Talbot Hotel
Curtain Choice
Andrew Bowman - Thatcher
Health Matters - Welbeing
J Godfrey & Son - Funeral Directors
Martin Drew - Chiropodist
Medical Matters
Oxfordshire Community Care Plan 1992/93
Painless Surgical Operations at Bampton
Centre for Complementary Medicine
Happy Memories - Girl Guides
A Fisket-a-Tasket - Flower Design
A Simmonds - Baker
E Taylor - Funeral Directors
Grey Gables Garage
N Woodley Building Maintenance
Witney Grass Cutting
John King - Heating Engineer
The Romany Inn
Bampton Directory

Bampton Community Archive

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