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Milk churn stand outside Weald Farm, Weald Street

  • BCA - 2017.1099
  • Item
  • 2008

A milk churn stand outside Weald Farm in Weald Street, a left-over from the days when milk was collected in churns and not a bulk tanker.

Bampton Community Archive

Hands-on sculpture lesson in West Ox Arts Gallery April 1997

  • BCA - 2019.1988
  • Item
  • April 1997

Sculptor Pat Elmore's students held an exhibition in the West Ox Arts gallery and in the picture beginners Adrian Williams and Sally Proctor are seen trying their hand with Pat's guidance.The cutting is from the Faringdon Folly April 1997.

Bampton Community Archive

Morgan Brothers in financial difficulties 2011

  • BCA - 2019.2150
  • Item
  • March 2011

This newspaper cutting talks about the financial problems of the Morgan Brothers. They own and rent much land in Sharney which is close to the Thames SE of Weald, so there is local concern about the farming of their fields.

Bampton Community Archive

Sweet Briar Cottage when it was thatched

  • BCA - 2019.2166
  • Item
  • first half C20th

This charming little cottage used to be called Pedlar's Patch and today is called Sweet Briar. The gate is next to Emmies on Bridge Street and the house is set back from the road, behind other cottages.

Bampton Community Archive

Badgers in Oxfordshire to be vaccinated against TB

  • BCA - 2019.2175
  • Item
  • January 2019

The debate about whether cows give badgers TB, badgers give it to cows or if the disease is simply in the soil continues as does the debate on whether mass shooting of badgers is the answer. Oxfordshire, it has been decided that vaccinating the badgers .

Bampton Community Archive

Morris Men outside the Elephant & Castle c1924

  • BCA - 2020.2338
  • Item
  • 1924 or 1925

Bampton Morris dancers c1924/5 outside the Elephant & Castle.

The sign over the pub door says Posting House, Horses, Carriages, Brakes. Personal attention given, Albert Townsend. The 3rd and 4th lines are hard to read which is a pity but it looks like 'For Hire All Trains Met On The Shortest Notice.

On 23rd September 1935 the Townsend family moved across the road to Castle View and made a farm of it having much more room to fatten more pigs.

Bampton Community Archive

Threshing machine

  • BCA - 2020.2362
  • Item
  • early twentieth century

This threshing machine was used to thresh the grain from the stooks of corn and was the normal way to do this in the first half of the twentieth century, before the combine harvester did the job as the corn was cut in the field.

It was a labour intensive job with people taking stooks from the pile, others lobbed them on to the top where yet more people fed them into the machine. Two ladies and a man can be seen on top of the threshing machine doing this part of the job.

At least one person hooked sacks on to the back to catch the grain while others gathered up the straw and chaff. The straw would have been used for bedding animals under cover in winter and some used as feed.

The whole machine was belt driven - no protection - with power from a steam engine which had men keeping it going in good order. With a live fire in the steam engine, it's no wonder there were fires in the ricks from time to time.

There are 13 people working in this picture. Some have bailing string tied round their calves, probably to stop rats running up as the rick was slowly dismantled.

A threshing machine is nearly always seen working at the Fairford, Faringdon, Filkins & Burford ploughing match held the last Saturday in September on a farm within 16 miles of Lechlade.

Bampton Community Archive

Hay cart by Meadow Farm

  • BCA - 2020.2443
  • Item
  • early 20th century

This picture must have been taken early in the twentieth century. It shows two ladies, a girl and a boy in charge of a hay cart and shire horse. It is by Meadow Farm along the Buckland Road. The style of cart is that of an Oxford cart.

Suzanne White says
"This is a photograph that I have recently found of my great grandfather as a boy, Edward William Portlock (Clarke) - born in 1893 with his sisters Elsie and Eva Portlock outside a cottage where they lived at the time, along the Buckland Road as seen on the 1901 and 1911 census (I found the cottages on google and although now extended can clearly see they are still there). I think the picture would have been taken somewhere around 1906/8. I think the lady with them could be their mother who was called Elizabeth and I think her maiden name could have been Radband-Shepard but if that is the case I can’t find out too much about her."

Bampton Community Archive

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