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Robin Shuckburgh, Chairman of the Bampton Community Archive 2013

  • BCA - 2017.1060
  • Item
  • 2013

Robin Shuckburgh has been chairman of Bampton Community Archive for about 8 years (as at 2017) and over-seen the raising of £250,000 to repair the roof of the Old Grammar School in Church View and make the upstairs a usable space again. We are extremely fortunate in Bampton to have people with skills and energy which they are prepared to give freely for the benefit of the whole community.

Nik Stanbridge

Fete with children in fancy dress c1954

  • BCA - 2017.1067
  • Item
  • c1954

This picture shows children in fancy dress as part of the fete, probably 1954, which took place mostly at Weald Manor although this picture is taken outside the Town Hall.

Bampton Community Archive

Olive McCage, born in Bampton living in Willimantic Conneticut USA

  • BCA - 2017.1089
  • Item
  • March 26th 2016

Olive McCage was born and grew up in Bampton; she was a typist at Brize Norton air base where she met a young American, married him and she emigrated to the USA when his tour of duty here was over.

Bampton Community Archive

WI Children's Christmas Party 1956

  • BCA - 2018.1555
  • Item
  • 1956

Long before the days when everyone had a TV and many IT toys and gadgets, the WI Christmas Party was much enjoyed my many children. This group photo was taken 1956 at a Christmas party given by the WI.

Bampton Community Archive

The Landray family, a family of doctors

  • BCA - 2019.1741
  • Item
  • 1973

The photo shows 3 Dr Landrays:

  • Robert Landray (GP in Bampton)
  • Margaret Landray (worked under maiden name of Dr Bray, anaesthetist at Princess Margaret Hospital, Swindon)
  • Martin Landray (consultant physician, John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford; and Professor of Medicine & Epidemiology at University of Oxford).

All 3 went to the Medical School at University of Birmingham (but I was a bit later than the other two!). All 3 still live in Bampton.

All written by Martin

Nik Stanbridge

Sam Bennett from Ilmington in Warwickshire

  • BCA - 2019.1801
  • Item
  • 1950s

Sam Bennett. He moved to Warwickshire but walked to Bampton to fiddle for the Morris at Whitsun. He would arrive at Mr & Mrs Townsend's Castle Farm on Bridge St and announce 'I be 'ere'. To earn his keep, he'd stay on for a few weeks doing farm work for Mr Townsend.

"The war took away many of the young men, and for the first time in recorded history the Whit Monday performances were suspended during 1917 and 1918. However, Wells had recently taught the dances to a group of men at Alvescot, and on the Whit Monday 1919 two of these stepped into the reformed Bampton set. One stayed only that year, but the older, William Flux, had married a daughter of long-time lead dancer Thomas Tanner, and became the organiser of the team.

This brought him into conflict with Wells - Flux wanted them to dance more at Pubs, Wells at the private houses - and this reached crisis point in 1925. The following year Wells refused to play for them, so both Bertie Clark from Alvescot and Sam Bennett from Ilmington were drafted in to provide music.

In 1927, for the first time in recorded history, two teams appeared on the streets: the old side under Tanner and Flux, and a young side recently raised by Wells. They continued in relatively peaceful co-existence for some years, but by the mid 1930s performances by the Tanner side were more sporadic, with only Wells fielding a team most Whit Mondays.

The final appearance by the Tanner team was in 1941, and it was left to Wells to keep it going during the war, and beyond." Keith Chandler

Nik Stanbridge

Third great shirt race 1955

  • BCA - 2019.1956
  • Item
  • 1955

This newspaper cutting from the Oxford Mail of 1955 covers the 3rd Great Shirt Race to be held in Bampton, the first one being part of the celebration of the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II in 1953.

Bampton Community Archive

Airman, Reg Smith, married Albert Radband's sister, Beryl Joan Radband.

  • BCA - 2019.1959
  • Item
  • 1950s

Airman, Reg Smith, married Albert Radband's sister, Beryl Joan Radband.
He was the brother of twins Peggy and Dolly.
Godfather of Jamie Wheeler.
Marion Paintin said "Joan and Reg had two children Linda and Michael who married my sister Susan and they live at Brading on the Isle of Wight."
Lyn Dunsby said "Linda lives in Lowestoft. She keeps in touch with my mum (Ruth Wheeler.) Joan was my mum's friend but we always called her Aunty Beryl as that was her other name."

Bampton Community Archive

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