Item BCA - 2018.1569 - Burials in Bampton 1890 to 1947

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BCA - 2018.1569


Burials in Bampton 1890 to 1947


  • 1890 1947 (Creation)

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pdf of 36 pages and 41 photographs

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Lloyd Hughes Owens borrowed the Parish burial register c1970s and did his best to create an alphabetical list of the burials. I photographed the burial role and tried my best to read all the names. Lloyd's list is in pdf and gives far more detail - age and occupation - than the list below but the list gives names for the search engine to find. Numbers/letter refer to the particular burial plot and spellings are as written on the role.

Abbott, Elizabeth Anne 79
Arrowsmith, Jane Sarah 156B
Ashfield, E A N 17A
Ashfield, Edward 247B
Ashfield, George 18A
Askrill, Ellen 65B
Atkinson, Rhoda M 298B
Ayers, Frank P 31
Baker, Charles 222B
Baker, Hannah 292B
Baker, John 189A
Baker, John 252B
Baker, M J 209B
Baker, Mary Ann 242B
Baker, Matilda 189A
Baker, S Sophia 82B
Ball, Jane 35B
Barbie, Guy Sisan 74
Barker, A W 130b
Barker, Edward 3B
Barlett, Eliza 36A
Bartlett, A R 85A
Bartlett, Ellen 99A
Bartlett, Elsie Mary infant 236A
Bartlett, Mary 92A
Bartlett, Thomas 29A
Baston, Albert Edward 283B
Baston, Betsy Dawson 41A
Baston, Emily 78B
Baston, Louisa Emily 83A
Baston, Sophia 312B
Bateman, Edward 176B
Bateman, Mary Jane 185B
Bateman, Theophilus Edgar 175B
Bath, Mary Jane 238B
Bath, Robert C 228B
Batts, J H 243B
Bayliss, George F 8B
Bayliss, Henrietta Charlotte 63B
Beckley, Gilbert 138B
Bedwell, John 149A
Beechey, Anna Elizabeth 191B
Beechey, George 210A
Beechey, George Loveden 215A
Beechey, Harriet 202A
Beechey, James 24A
Beechey, Mary 114B
Beechey, Richard Leonard 209A
Beechey, William 85B
Beesley, Albert 36
Bellenger, Evelyn K K 104A
Benfield, Elizabeth 344B
Benfield, Henry 344B
Bidwell, E M 113B
Bishop, Charles 34B
Bishop, Frederick D 12
Bishop, John T 12
Bishop, Thomas 207B
Bishop, William Henry 197b
Bishop, Winifred Laura 103A
Blaby, G A B 51B
Blackburne, Francis Richard 330B
Bond, Alfred 303B
Bond, Mary Ann 303B
Bovis, Emma Charlotte 84A
Bowles, Jane 11A
Boyce, David 96
Bridgeman, Leah 148B
Brinfield, Charles 49A
Brooks, Albert 174A
Brooks, Alfred 179A
Brooks, Ann 172A
Brooks, Britford? 294B
Brooks, Dorothy A 188B
Brooks, Eliza 181A
Brooks, G E 78A
Brooks, Gemima 22A
Brooks, George 68B
Brooks, George William 38
Brooks, Mary 342B
Brooks, Mary Ann 204A
Brooks, S R C 213B
Brooks, Sarah 16A
Brooks, Sarah Ann 307B
Brooks, Thomas 342B
Brooks, William 200A
Brown, Edith May 234A
Brown, Florence E 44B
Brown, Kenneth 92A
Buckland, Rowland 266B
Bunce, Annie M 39
Bunce, Daniel 227B
Burgess, Sarah A 39A above 39
Busby, H**ley John Edgar 55
Busby, Louise 54*
Busby, Theophilus Edgar 55*
Butler, Annie 223B
Butler, Harriet 15A
Butler, William 243A
Butler, William Cyril 166A
Butler, William H 160A
Cambrey, Emma 128A
Capter, Philip 40A
Carpenter, Annie 227A
Carpenter, Iris Nellie 103A
Carter, Elizabeth 6
Carter, Lucy 79B
Carter, Theophilus 6
Carvey, Elizabeth 144B
Carvey, Mark 144B
Chandler, H * 99A
Clack, Aubrey William 41B
Clack, B Samuel 31B
Clack, Caroline Sarah 81B
Clack, Eleanor 59A
Clack, Freda 58A
Clack, Lucy Maria 163B
Clack, Mary 45A
Clack, Mary 221B
Clack, Mary Ann 65
Clack, Robert 52A
Clack, Susan 151A
Clack, Thomas 158A
Clark, Dorothy Ellen 58B
Clark, Frederick 187B
Clark, James Par* 142A
Clark, John B* 76A
Clark, William 197B
Clark, William P 187B
Clarke, Alice Portlock 75A
Clarke, Charles H 168B
Clarke, Doris P 188B
Clarke, Edward 37
Clarke, Elizabeth P 187A
Clarke, Emma 18B
Clarke, Emma Portlock 110A
Clarke, Frederick Porlock 116A
Clarke, Henry 19B
Clarke, John 29B
Clarke, Margaret 232B
Clarke, Mary 234A
Clarke, Mary Jane Betlock 235A
Clarke, Sidney 18B
Clarke, Thomas 24B
Clarke, William Portlock 117A
Clements, Fanny 18
Clift, Eliza 9A
Clift, John 2A
Collett, Annie Maria 216B
Collett, Mary 21
Collett, Oliver 21
Collett, William H 141B
Collett, William James 206B
Collins, Elizabeth 117B
Collins, Joseph 315B
Collins, Mary A 48B
Collins, Mary Elizabeth 325B
Collins, Samuel 38B
Collins, Thomas 335B
Collins, William Pullen 48B
Collis, Barbara 53*
Collis, G B M 184B
Collis, John 174B
Constable, Charles 89A
Constable, Ivy 264B
Constable, Ruby 264B
Constable, W? T 275B
Cooper, ? 51*
Cooper, Elizabeth 56A
Corke, Alfred 215B
Corke, Esther 235B
Cousins, Sophia 105A
Cowley, Anne 313B
Cowley, Jane 333B
Cowley, Robert 323B
Cox, Ellen E 36
Cox, Emma 232A
Cox, John 343B
Cox, Robert 239A
Cox, Thomas R 36
Cox, William Henry 83B
Craddock, P J 90
Creed, E S 92
Cripps, George W 27A
Cripps, George W 86B
Cripps, John 97B
Cripps, Marian 86B
Cripps, Mary 107B
Cripps, Richard 93A
Cripps, Rose Ann 76B
Dallas, Frances E 61
Dallas, Francis Henry 63
Dallas, Lillias M 64
Daniels, Ann 7
Daniels, Edward 21B
Daniels, Richard 173A
Daniels, William Alfred 180A
Davie, Mary 265B
Davies, **bella 57
Day, James 77A
Day, Lambert 15B
Day, Louisa 65A
de Vesian, John 20
Dea*, John 26A
Dewe, Ellen 59B
Dewe, George 158B
Dewe, Hannah 49B
Dewe, James 159A
Dewe, James 96B
Dewe, Joseph 39B
Dewe, Keith Britford 5A
Dewe, Mary Ann 152A
Dewe, Philip 28B
Dipper, Ellen? 52
Dipper, Thomas 95B
Dix, Henry 212A
Dixey, Arthur 114A
Dixey, Henry 234B
Dixey, Jane 233B
Dixey, Robert 221A
Dixey, Thomas George 224B
Douglans, Henry Sholts? 299B
Douglas, Charles Irvine 329B
Douglas, John 309B
Douglas, Margaret Elizabeth 319B
Dover, William 164A
Early, Kathleen 57B
Edgington, ? Joseph 32A
Edgington, Albert E 39A above 39
Edgington, Alice 192B
Edgington, Amelia 123A
Edgington, John 46A
Edgington, William Joseph 25A
Edginton, James 87A
Edginton, Martha 94a
Edmonds, Albert 22B
Edmonds, Beryl J 43B
Edmonds, Emma 12B
Edmonds, John 2B
Edmonds, Rachel Sophia 42B
Edmonds, Robert 32B
Edmondson, Margaret 296B
Edmondson, William 306B
Edwards, Francis 5B
Edwards, Mary 216A
Eggleton, C A 25A
Eggleton, Charles 150B
Eggleton, D N (or R) 32a
Eggleton, Daniel 31A
Eggleton, E W 140B
Eggleton, Nora Maria 150B
Elbro, John 90A
Elbro, Mary 97A
Elsworthy, George 247A
Fairclough, E M 40A
Farbrother, Edward Robert 336B
Farbrother, Maria 336B
Farmer, Ann 146A
Farmer, John 193A
Farmer, R J M 38A
Fidler, John 63A
Fitch*, Edwin 184A
Folkard, Charlotte E 82
Fox, Annie E 66A
Fox, Edward 66B
Fox, Edward Charles 73A
Fox, Emma 257B
Fox, Esther 53A
Fox, Frederick 118B
Fox, Louisa Melinda 66
Fox, Lucy 98B
Fox, Ruth 193B
Fox, Timothy B 108B
Fox, Walter Henry 80A
French, Ann 181B
French, Robert 171B
Fruin, Agnes Frances 11
Fruin, George T 15
Gardner, James John William 141A
Gardner, N 241A
George, Frizz***(Frizzwurth?) 22
George, William 22
Gerring, Anna Maria 195B
Gerring, Anna Maria S 11B
Gerring, Elizabeth 249B
Gerring, George 205B
Gerring, George Edward 259B
Gerring, Robert S 269B
Gerring, W W 1B
Gibbard, Daniel 185A
Gibbard, Katharine 192A
Gillett, Amy 200B
Gillett, Thomas John 60A
Gillett, Thomas O 210b
Godson, Mary 258B
Gomm, John H 81A
Goodman, Daniel 317B
Gordon, Lily Eliza 73
Gough, Capt. George P 279B
Green, Elizabeth 80B
Green, Elizabeth E 70B
Green, Ernest A 148A
Green, George H 162A
Green, James Charles 90B
Green, James E 137B
Green, Ruth 155A
Green, Walter 59A
Greenwood, Thomas? 263B
Gristock, Ann 93B
Grubb, Charles 217A
Hampshire, Alice Isabella 310B
Hampshire, William Knowther? 300B
Hancock, A J 326B
Harcomb, Harriet 295B
Harris, Rose E 105B
Hatton, Lily 189b
Hatton, Rose Ethel 189B
Hayden, Jane 64B
Hayden, Shadrack 168A
Haynes, Charles 145B
Haynes, Elizabeth 145B
Haynes, Jonathan 130A
Haynes, Kate Rosina 88A
Haynes, Martha 133a
Haynes, Mary Ann 262B
Haynes, Thomas 140A
Henniker, John 60
Herbert, Elizabeth Mary 260B
Herbert, Sarah Ann 250B
Hicks, Frederick William 222A
Hicks, Hannah 223A
Higgs, Ann 161B
Higgs, James 151B
Hill, George 29
Hill, Louisa Beatrice 337B
Hill, Louise 122A
Hill, Sarah 332B
Hill, Thomas 322B
Hirons, Hilda Mary 237B
Hirons, Ronald 91A
Hiscomb, Carolyine 129A
Hoare, Jane 127A
Hone, Robert 331B
Horne, Elsie N 38*
Hudson, Annie 35
Hudson, Ethel M 33
Hudson, Tom 302B
Hudson, Tom 75B
Hughes, George 230A
Hughes, Hilda 95A
Hughes, Joseph 115A
Hughes, Rachel 108A
Humphries, C J 71B
Humphries, E 71B
Humphries, Eleanor Ann 61B
Hunt, A? 58
Hunt, Alma? 58
Hunt, Blanche M 142B
Hunt, Edward George 58
Hunt, Elizabeth 58*
Hunt, Elizabeth 58*
Hunt, Jane 74B
Hunt, Sarah 214A
Hunt, Thomas 125B
Hunt, Victor George 152A
Ingrey, Ann Jane 166B
Ingrey, Walter C 166B
Jackson, ? 143A
Jackson, Edith Fieldhouse 70
Jackson, Elizabeth Tara 71
Jackson, Ellen 241A
Jackson, James 144A
Jackson, Joseph 72
Jackson, W? L 147A
Jackson, William 190A
James, John Angus 46B
James, Sarah Ann 36B
Jeffries, A 140B
Jenner, Robert Christopher 2
Jennings, Elizabeth 316B
Johnson, Joseph 211b
Jones, Henry 102A
Jones, Lucy Eliza 338B
Jordon, W R S 222A
Jortan?, Violet Hope 184B
Joyce, Alfred 220B
Joyce, Maria 220B
Joyner, Walter George 245B
Kenett, Stephen 136A
Kerry, Edward 229B
Kerry, Frederick 220A
Kerry, Henry 107A
Kerry, Jane 132B
Kerry, John 162B
Kerry, Kate 114A
Kerry, Mark H 219B
Kerry, Mary Ann 152B
Kerry, William 229A
King, Elizabeth 121A
King, Gilbert William 106A
King, Lizzie Kathleen 120A
King, Mildred Elizabeth 113A
King, Thomas 212B
Klappert, Henrietta Katharine 91
Lane, Amy Beatrice 64A
Lane, Jane 119A
Lane, Mary 135A
Lane, Richard 55A
Langley, Edna Sophia 4
Langley, Roso? A? 76
Lardner, Albert Tho. 150A
Launchbury, Thomas 134A
Lawrence, Fanny 98
Lay, Alfred 204B
Lay, Florence 217B
Lay, James 274B
Lay, Mary Ann 284B
Lay, Percival 153B
Leaver?, Francis J 202B
Lee, Lionel 19
Legg, James 101A
Legg, Mary Ann 100A
Leyson, Alfred Joseph 104B
Lilias, Mary 27
Lindsay, Catherine Frances 276B
Loader, Lucy Jane 282B
Loader, Thomas 272B
Lock, William 246B
Long, Barbara 53
Loveridge, Dennis 87B
Loveridge, Esther 254B
Loveridge, Martha 244B
Loveridge, William 253B
Luckett, Charles Henry 34A
Luckett, Maria 30A
Marshall, Horatio John 50
Marshall, M A 69B
Martin, A 9B
Martin, Elizabeth A 77B
Martin, Margaret 341B
Martin, William 77B
Matthews, Amelia 5
Matthews, Elizabeth 268B
Matthews, Joseph 50A
Matthews, Mary Kate 43A
Matthews, William 5
Maxey, Bertha 8
May, John 40
May, Maria 225A
May, Sarah 69A
Messenger, William Charles 194B
Mildenhall, Elizabeth 1XA
Miles, Charlotte 83
Millar, Ethel 58B
Mills, Jane F 301B
Mills, Mary 271B
Mills, Thomas 281B
Mills, William T 291B
Mitchell, William 3
Monk, John 198A
Monk, Maria 191A
Morgan, George Edward 75
Morton, Elizabeth 16
Morton, Stephen 16
Mudge, Agnes 57B
Neal, Emily 133B
Neal, Eunice 114B
Neal, Fanny 8A
Neal, Frederick 123B
Neal, George 8A
Neal, Hannah 1A
Neal, Jane 196A
Neal, Jane 134B
Neal, William 203A
Neal, William H 133B
Neal, William J 53b
Neale, Charlotte 175A
Neale, James 182A
Nisbet, Murry 27
Norman, L M M 87
Norman, Louisa Violet Eileen 88
Oakey, Emily 345B
Oakey, F C 256B
Oakey, George 345B
Oakey, Joshua 196B
Oakey, Mary 186B
Oakley, Charles Frederick 70A
Oates, James Pimlott 93
Oates, Martha Marr 94
Pearce, E J 240B
Pearce, John 240B
Pettifer, H M A 213A
Pettyfer, George 207a
Pinnock, Caroline 47B
Pinnock, Elizabeth 186A
Pinnock, Joseph 37B
Plaster, Elizabeth Frances 238A
Plaster, George 228A
Plaster, Joseph 224A
Plaster, Robert James 273B
Plaster, Thomas 311B
Plaster, Wilfred Joseph 85A
Plumb, Edith May 213B
Pollard, ? 51
Ponder, Annie 37A
Ponder, Charles 37A
Poole, C B 120
Poole, Elizabeth 147B
Poole, George 48A
Poole, James 125A
Poole, Rhoda 334B
Portlock, Flo. Low ? 74A
Portlock, Henry 67A
Portlock, Reuben 82A
Potter, Elizabeth Sarah 137A
Pratt, Beatrice 57*
Pratt, Lucy 59
Price, Anne Mary 62
Prior, Bessie 78A
Prior, George Henry 79A
Prior, Mary Ann 72A
Probits, Fanny 171A
Probits, William 178A
Pudwell, Emma 194A
Pudwell, Jesse 201A
Pudwell, Thomas 208A
Radband, Agnes Ann 88B
Radband, Ann 230B
Radband, Arthur E 91A
Radband, Elizabeth 244A
Radband, Elizabeth Ellen 74A
Radband, Emily 23
Radband, F William 81A
Radband, George 201B
Radband, Henry 237A
Radband, Henry 230B
Radband, Joyce 201b
Radband, Louisa 111A
Radband, Robert 23
Radband, Robert 245A
Radband, Sarah Ann 98A
Radband, Thomas 226A
Reason, Dorothy 302B
Reason, Rosanna 177B
Reason, William 177B
Robert, Dora Margaret Carson 38
Roberts, Harry 13B
Roberts, Jesse James Garrick? 23B
Roberts, Mary 33B
Robins, Joseph B 255B
Robinson, Charles 180B
Robinson, Ellen Maria 190B
Robinson, James Frederick 170B
Robinson, M A 180B
Rodwell, C M 146B
Rodwell, G E C 146B
Rogers, Alfred 57A
Rose, Alice Octa? 86
Rose, Edward G 89
Rose, Eileen Mary 7B
Rose, Emma 10B
Rose, Fay? Gladys 275B
Rose, H O K 17B
Rose, Thomas J 84
Rose, Thomas Johnson 6B
Rouse, Amelia 205A
Rouse, Ann 30
Rouse, Charles T 30
Rouse, Frederick 183B
Rouse, Sarah 96A
Salt, Constance 13
Sheppard, James 304B
Shayler, Ann 155B
Shayler, George 165B
Shephard J E 243B
Shepherd, Annie 80
Sheppard, Anns 267B
Sheppard, Louisa 305B
Sheppard, Martha 20A
Sheppard, Susannah 267B
Sheppard, William 197A
Sherry, John Henry 157A
Shewry, Joseph T 50*
Simpkins, Thomas H 327B
Smith, Charles 143B
Smith, Elizabeth A 1
Smith, Elizabeth Ann 165A
Smith, Ellen 99B
Smith, Emma 115B
Smith, Ethel 92B
Smith, George Alfred 102B
Smith, Harry 161A
Smith, Isaiah 109B
Smith, John Edward 126A
Smith, Percy William 73B
Smith, William 154A
Southby, Harriet Sarah 339B and 304B
Southby, Philip 349B and 350B
Southby, William Philip 290B
Sperring, Clara 23A
Spooner, Ethel 308B
Spooner, William 318B
Spurrett, Ann 121B
Spurrett, Jane 231B
Spurrett, Richard 86A
Spurrett, Teresa 248B
Stephens, Frederick 62B
Stephens, Frederick 72B
Stephens, Sarah 62B
Stone, May 4B
Stone, Samuel Spencer 14B
Stone, Susan 122B
Swinford, Ann 226B
Swinford, Henry 236B
Symes, Louise 248A
Tanner, Ann 131A
Tanner, Ann 172B
Tanner, Benjamin 219A
Tanner, Catherine? Kate 145A
Tanner, Charles 138A
Tanner, Charles Henry 182B
Tanner, Charles William 107A
Tanner, Charlotte 173B
Tanner, Clara Grace 150A
Tanner, Dannah? 285B
Tanner, E B 251B
Tanner, Ellen 211A
Tanner, Emily P 40*
Tanner, Emma 321B
Tanner, Enoch 163B
Tanner, Esther 12A
Tanner, Fanny 241B
Tanner, James G 167B
Tanner, John 3a
Tanner, Joseph 107
Tanner, Leslie H 168B
Tanner, Mary A 178B
Tanner, Mary Ann 157B
Tanner, Mary Ellen 261B
Tanner, Rosena 199B
Tanner, Thomas next to 1
Tanner, Thomas Edward 225B
Tanner, William 24
Tanner, William 52*
Tanner, William Henry 51A
Taunt, Charlotte 270B
Taunt, Frederick William 270B
Taylor, Alfred 35A
Taylor, F A 55B
Taylor, Jemima 77
Taylor, Joseph 78
Taylor, Sarah Ann 67B
Temple, Abigail 76B
Tipping, Alice 69
Tipping, William 68
Tomlin, Clara G 64A
Townsend, Ann 135B
Townsend, Charles 84B
Townsend, George 135B
Townsend, George 67
Townsend, Grace 120B
Townsend, Louisa 110B
Townsend, Maria Eliza 160B
Townsend, Mary 347B
Townsend, Matilda Jane 100B
Townsend, Sarah 103B
Vick, Charles 154B
Vickers, Anna 10B
Waite, Frederick E 9
Walker, Elizabeth 10
Walker, James 10
Wallace, Mary 14
Wallis, Charles Peter William 20B
Wallis, Edith 30B
Wallis, Elizabeth 116B
Walton, L 89B
Ward, Sarah 10A
Ward, William 218B
Warma**?, Charles 314B
Warma**?, Elizabeth 324B
Warner, Harriett 170A
Warner, Jesse 287B
Warner, K? W 105B
Warner, Mary 19A
Warner, Thomas 177A
Watts, Gertrude Louisa 163A
Webb, George 156A
Webb, Mary 118A
Wells, C B or R 121
Wells, Edith Emily 183A
Wells, Elizabeth 169A
Wells, George 242A
Wells, Hannah 112A
Wells, James 203B
Wells, Jane 176A
Wells, Lucy 218A
Wells, William 95
Wells, Williams 293B
Wenman, B 91B
Wenman, F M 101B
Westwood, Caroline 109A
Wheeler, Charles? 14A
Wheeler, Eliza 13A
Wheeler, Ellen 45B
Wheeler, George 124A
Wheeler, Henry 33A
White, Ann 47A
White, Eliza 286B
White, Emma Maria 188A
White, Fanny 277B
White, J 277B
White, John 54A
White, Mary Anne 132A
White, Richard 195A
White, Rose Jane 61A
White, William 139A
Whiting, William J 147A
Whitlock, Harry 17
Whitlock, Marth 17
Wiggins, Gertrude 348B
Wiggins, William 112B
Wilkins, John 68A
Wilkins, Rachel 62A
Williams, Camela 60B
Williams, H Bella 56*
Williams, Hannah 179B
Williams, John 126B
Williams, John 159B
Williams, Louisa 40B
Williams, Rex 159A
Williams, Sarah 81
Williams, Sarah Jane 50B
Williams, Thomas 169B
Wiltshire, Harry 26
Wiltshire, K A 139B
Wiltshire, Nellie May below 38
Winn, Harriett 71A
Winn, Harriett 71A
Woodley, Daisy Heather 198B
Woodley, David 153A
Woodley, Frederick 160A
Woodley, James 97
Woodley, Jane 97
Woodley, Kate Louisa 167A
Woodley, Rose Ann 208B
Woodley, Walter R 39*
Wright, Beatrice 106A
Wright, Mary Ann 214B
Wright, Richard 113A
Wyatt, Mary 233A
Wyatt, William 240A

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