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Morris Dancing
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Young dancers in 1980

  • BCA - 2020.2437
  • Item
  • 1980

These are the young dancers in Francis Shergold's side 1980, the Bampton Traditional Morris Men. They include Keith Rouse, Jamie Wheeler and Craig Godwin.

Bampton Community Archive

William Nathan 'Jingy' Wells playing the fiddle in 1923

  • BCA - 2019.1847
  • Item
  • 1923

William Nathan 'Jingy' Wells danced, fooled and played the fiddle for Bampton Morris from the late nineteenth century and well into the twentieth.
In this picture he is seen with his fiddle.
The hat, waistcoat, trousers and socks (odd socks) are still cared for by the Bampton Traditional Morris Men.

Bampton Community Archive

Visiting Morris sides outside the George & Dragon

  • BCA - 2019.2053
  • Item
  • post 1994

Two visiting teams outside the George & Dragon; Eynsham are dancing and Abingdon Morris are waiting to dance. There are no signs outside the inn so it must be post 1994.

Bampton Community Archive

Two young boys in Morris clothing

  • BCA - 2022.3676
  • Item
  • early C20th

These two photographs were taken in the first half of the C20th. Sadly, I don't know their names but they look to be really enjoying themselves.

Janet Rouse

Tickhill Gala Day 1996

  • BCA - 2020.2486
  • Item
  • 1996

This was Gala Day at Tickhill in Yorkshire. Bampton Traditional Morris Men, Squire Francis Shergold were three of the dance sides invited to take part along with Yorkshire Ladies side

Bampton Community Archive

The Morris Eight Band, - Morris Dancing

  • BCA - 2022.3904
  • Item
  • 1970-1990

3 Frames of an old film footage of the Morris Dancers possible 1930's, showing Sonny Townsend, Reg Whitlock, Bob Whitlock, Fred Pettifer.
Don Rouse, Trevor Hewett and Jamie Wheeler, have commented on Morris Eight Band as follows
Trevor Hewett – “The Morris Eight Band were: Colin Bathe, melodeon; Andrew Bathe, Alec Titchener, Trevor Hewett, fiddles; Curly Titchener, percussion; Francis Shergold, caller.”
Don Rouse – “The Morris Eight Band that Trevor Hewett mentions was indeed the first Band that I booked for an Oxford - Leiden Barn Dance in 1974. Frank Purslow used to play for them. From them were formed the Bampton Barn Dance Band. Curly Titchener and Colin Bathe with their sons often helping out. At the same time the Beaker Folk with Ray Borrett in charge were performing. Mathew Green and Fred Cook were with the Bampton Barn Dance Band and broke away to present their own interesting style of Folk music to form the Woodpeckers. Arnold Woodley then formed a Band at this time which I cannot remember their name. Can Jamie Wheeler help me. So, during the 1970s - 80s and 90s there were five very capable bands operating from Bampton.”
Jamie Wheeler - Arnolds band was the Bampton Bushmen. I played regularly with the Morris 8 from 1979 to 1983 and on an occasional basis with Beaker Folk from 1982 right up to 2015

Janet Westman

The Cake Holder and Collection Box for Bampton Traditional Morris Men

  • BCA - 2022.3674
  • Item
  • 2000

These two pictures show the cake holder and the collection box used by the Bampton Traditional Morris Men. The inscription on the cake holder reads:-

In Memory of William Wells, 1868 - 1953. The gift of the Morris Ring to The Bampton Morris Morris Dancers. William Wells was known to all locals as Jingy.

The inscription on the collection box reads:-

Presented to The Bampton Morris Dancers 1990 by Bob West (and) Eric Stott

Janet Rouse

Terry Rouse, Morris Dancer & Fool 1964 - 2000

  • BCA - 2022.3677
  • Item
  • 1969-1999

Terry Rouse began dancing in 1964 for Francis Shergold's Morris side. That year was a very wet time and Francis's side was in need of somewhere out of the rain to rehearse ready for Whit Monday and Terry invited him to use his barn at Backhouse Farm. Already a keen dancer of both ballroom and country dancing, Terry loved what he saw and asked to join the side and so began a long career both as a dancer and in the later years the Morris Fool, finally retiring in 2000.

Janet Rouse

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