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WI Hall, now the Village Hall

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WI Hall, now the Village Hall

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WI Hall, now the Village Hall

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Bampton Children at show c1963

  • BCA - 2024.6901
  • Item
  • 1963

Photograph of Bampton Children enjoying a show or pantomime in the WI Hall (Village Hall) in 1963.
The children are numbered in the second photo and named as follows:

  1. Angela Brooks
  2. ?
  3. Patricia Preston
  4. Lyn Beckley
  5. Esther Green
  6. Raymond Bradley
  7. Sharon Foreshew
  8. Richard Shepherd
  9. Shelagh Danford
  10. Roy Clarke
  11. Fenella Quick
  12. Maureen Clarke
  13. Andy Clarke
  14. Ann Jackson
  15. ?
  16. Mrs Edie Foreshew
  17. Jean Cole
  18. Lorraine Barber
  19. Francis Barber
  20. Neil Anderson
  21. Kevin Bradley
  22. ?
  23. Jenny Bishop
  24. Teresa Taylor
  25. Lyn Wheeler
  26. Darryl Hirons
  27. ?
  28. Anthony Collett
  29. Ann (Biz) Cole
  30. Tish Cole
  31. Dougie Forshew
  32. Penny Shergold
  33. Pearl Paintin
  34. Bridget Shergold

Janet Westman

Children's Party in WI Hall 1964

  • BCA - 2024.6898
  • Item
  • 1964

Photographs with names of children and mothers as follows:

  1. Josephine Keyte,
  2. Linda Smith
  3. Jackie Cook
  4. Graham Cook
  5. Trevor Bradley
  6. Freda Bradley
  7. Cheryl Becket
  8. Violet Becket
  9. Shane Becket
  10. Fenella Quick
  11. Sheila Danford
  12. Sharon Forshew
  13. Tish Cole
  14. Biz Cole

Janet Westman

SPAJERS Dinners and Entertainment

  • BCA - 2024.6857
  • Item
  • 1958-70

9 Photographs showing various events and dances hosted by the SPAJERS .
the following named as known
Neville Woodley, Dixie Deane, Don Rouse, Josie ,Frank Hudson, Paul McGarth
Jo Peck, Francis Shergold, Mrs Clarke, Mrs Jackson, Mr and Mrs Mansfield, Mrs Ellis
Jean Howell, Dor Thompson

Janet Westman

SPAJERS: Collection of Dance Tickets

  • BCA - 2024.6856
  • Item
  • 1958-70

Collection of SPAJERS dance tickets from 1958 and 1960 and 1970. for Shirt Race Ball held at Weald Manor and WI Hall.
Featuring Frantic Fred and his Fantastic Foursome, his Family and his Frolics. Fabulous Butch Quartz (who was Fred's son) and his Four Pintz, Profit was used to promote the Shirt Race

Janet Westman

Infant Welfare Card 1964 Theresa Till

  • BCA - 2023.4047
  • Item
  • 1964

A copy of an Infant Welfare Card used in the 1960's supplied by Teresa Till. The Baby Clinic was held in the WI Hall once a fortnight, and the babies were weighed and checked over by Dr Bullen (Consulting Physician) and Nurse Childs, (District Nurse). The babies would have their injections. This was where the mother obtained their Formula Milk and Orange Juice, etc

Janet Westman

Women's Institute Christmas Fancy Dress Party c 1958

  • BCA - 2022.3874
  • Item
  • 1958

Photo of Children dressed in fancy dress at the WI Christmas Party 1958,
People in the Christmas party photo in Fancy Dress file Some are recognised below:
Celia and Tina John
Rosemary and Peter Ham
Lynne Rouse
Teresa Rouse
Linda Smith & Roger Powell & Julie Powell
Daphne Jackson
Maureen Nichols
Pamela Quick
Mary Gerring
Jannette Keyte
Christine Weston

Janet Westman

Letter accepting invitation to Morris Party by Pete Cock and Vic Legg 1981

  • BCA - 2017.270
  • Item
  • 1981

A letter from Vic Legg to Dave Rose accepting the invitation to attend the Bampton Traditional Morris Men's party November 1981 along with Pete Cock. About 1980/1 Trigg Morris were guests on Bampton's day of dance. They will be coming up from Bodmin in Cornwall. Pete and Vic were members of Trigg Morris in Bodmin, Cornwall.

Nik Stanbridge

Claire Wythes wins Queen's Guide award in 1978

  • BCA - 2021.2615
  • Item
  • 1978

15 year old Claire Wythes first went along to Guides aged three because her mother, Margaret Wythes was Brown Owl with the Bampton Guides. Claire was awarded the Queen's Guide Award, the Guides top award, at the WI Hall by the District Commissioner Mrs C Cooper.

Nik Stanbridge

Playgroup Christmas Bazaar Dec 2nd 1983

  • BCA - 2021.2539
  • Item
  • December 1983

Back in the 1980s a club or society had a bazaar or jumble sale almost every Saturday in the WI Hall and there would be a queue of people waiting to come in. This was the Christmas Bazaar held by the Playgroup to raise funds for its running.
Mrs Lynne Evans and Mrs Diane O'Brien can be seen with young Neil O'Brien in the top picture and along with one of Father Christmas's helpers are Lizzie Betts, Kathryne Betts and Louise Burton.

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