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Funeral Service of Rupert John Gooddy

  • BCA - 2024.6932
  • Item
  • 7th August 2023

Rupert Gooddy, a Loyd House pupil from 1970 to 1974, died on July 10 2023, after a short period of illness.
He was brought up in Blackheath, South-East London, the son of John, the clerk to the Governors of St Bartholomew’s Hospital, and Barbara, a radiographer. He attended Carn Brea prep school, Bromley, excelling as a sportsman, and was at one stage coached by Derek Underwood, the celebrated England seam bowler.

In Loyd House his sporting progress continued and within two years he had represented Bradfield’s cricket 1stXI. He was a batsman of real power and had an excellent eye. One school report said: “Gooddy played a well-judged and entertaining innings.” Another described him as “a most dependable opening bat and a fine gully.”

Ru’s family spent a good deal of time with his maternal grandmother at Byworth, West Sussex, which may be what inspired his love of country pursuits. He fished and shot, pastimes he pursued enthusiastically all his life. As a boy he kept doves in the garden at Blackheath.

While at Bradfield Ru, ever the nonconformist, with his great friend James Sutherland, acquired two ferrets, Blodwyn and Bill, which were kept out of harm’s way in his Housemaster’s garden, until one morning the Housemaster’s wife opened the front door to find Blodwyn tucking into the contents of her milk bottles. Blodwyn and Bill were “asked to leave”.

He was also an accomplished footballer, golfer and tennis player, his achievements matched only by his insistent pall of self-effacement, any compliment waved away with a genuine lack of conceit. He was ludicrously modest, as well as kind and caring. While he could be, as he admitted, ‘a grumpy sod’, he was essentially an engaging mixture of understated, unshowy charm and quietly forceful mischief, an astute listener and a huge enthusiast for merriment and fun.

Ru was a brilliant and generous host; excellent at putting people at their ease. He spoke with great gentleness and warmth, often almost in a whisper. It was part of an easy, engaging charm, but you underrated Ru at your peril; possibly in business sometimes people did and regretted it. He was a doer, softly spoken but a man of action.

Professionally he was a shrewd, hardworking and extremely successful entrepreneur. There had been early signs of this flair. At the age of six, Ru reported very excitedly that his parents were allowing him to use a couple of square yards of space in their garden, for his own devices. He explained: “I want to grow cabbages that I can sell to my mum.” Thus, the successful businessman was born.

The interest in horticulture was developed in his time at Writtle Agricultural College, Essex. During that period he spent a year working at Wyevale Nursery in Hereford, where he gained a love of the Wye Valley and Black Mountains, his parents having bought a cottage near Hay-on-Wye, which Ru loved. He went on to work at Northmoor Nurseries and in 1979 he opened his own nursery, Rupert Gooddy Plants Limited, Bampton.

Ru clearly belonged in Oxfordshire, where he lived for over forty years, indulging enthusiams for motorbikes, fishing and of course cricket. Moving there was absolutely the making of him, and he married his wife Elizabeth in 1990. His son Francis arrived the following year and daughter Mimi a year after that. The marriage lasted for 17 happy years.

One of the people who worked for Ru for many years was Di Newman. She said of him: “He was such a good bloke. Funny, caring and looked after his staff really, really well … If anyone was in trouble, he’d help them out, he’d go above and beyond… he would always give the young a chance by offering them work and he would always consult his staff before making decisions. He was out in all weathers with us, and never asked anyone to do a job he wouldn’t do himself. He was fun-loving and always rewarded well … Nothing was too much trouble for him. You couldn’t fault him. He was a lovely, lovely man …”

He enjoyed life to the full and was enormously and rightly proud of his son Francis, who followed Ru into the nursery business and helped it go from strength to strength, and daughter Mimi. He had a gentle, all-encompassing love of life. He was generous and loyal, with a wonderful warmth. His distinctive and hugely lovable personality will be enormously missed by all those who knew him.

James Hanning

Janet Newman

Meadow farm Sales Brochure

  • BCA - 2024.6920
  • Item
  • July 1999

Sales brochure for Meadow Farm, Buckland Road.

Janet Newman

Timber Auction 1892

  • BCA - 2024.6884
  • Item
  • 1892

Poster advertising Auction of Timber to be held immediately after the sale of stock in the Market Place, Bampton by Paxton and Holiday.

Janet Westman

Lew is a place of variety

  • BCA - 2024.6841
  • Item
  • 2022

Fascinating memories of the village of Lew and the people who have lived there, along with memorable events by Donald Rouse

Janet Newman

Captain Charles Radclyffe

  • BCA - 2024.6839
  • Item
  • 2022

Memories of Captain Charles Radclyffe who lived at Lew House by Donald Rouse

Janet Newman

Lisa Lane, BBOWT Chimney Meadows

  • BCA - 2024.6826
  • Item
  • 2022

Newspaper cutting from Witney Gazette dated January 12th 2022 The article is about the area called Chimney Meadows a swathe of farmland by the Thames nr Aston. Lisa Lane who works for the BBOWT oversaw the creation of of an entirely new channel for the Thames re-establishing habitats for mammals. birds, fish and insects and rare plants. She was awarded a Marsh Charitable Trust Leadership Award for her efforts in Bringing Wildlife back to a nature-poor landscape, at the same time as battling Cancer. She mapped out the site and masterminded the site at Chimney Meadows Nature and launched the Friends of Chimney Meadows Group of 20 Volunteers.

Janet Westman

Poster selling Standing Corn

  • BCA - 2023.4192
  • Item
  • 1890

Poster dated August 18th 1890 advertising the auction of 8 acres of standing corn and 15 Acres of afterfield on Buckland Road.
Auctioneers Paxton and Holiday to be held at The Talbot Hotel.

Janet Westman

Farm Sales Poster - Oxfordshire Down Lambs etc

  • BCA - 2023.4191
  • Item
  • 1873

Old Poster dated October 15th 1873. Advertising the sale of Oxfordshire Down Lamb, Cattle, Horses, Hogs and Wool, and Steam Engines. To be sold at Auction b Jonas Paxton and George Castle. At Home Farm Premises, Bampton

Janet Westman

A Lifetime of Farming by Don Rouse

  • BCA - 2023.4184
  • Item
  • 2011

Article written by Don Rouse about his life as a Farmer at Backhouse Farm in Weald. Starting in 1943, when he went with his dad Reg Rouse on the tractor and his memories of the land Army Girls and German Prisoners.

Janet Westman

Hay cart by Meadow Farm, Buckland Road

  • BCA - 2020.2443
  • Item
  • early 20th century

This picture must have been taken early in the twentieth century. It shows two ladies, a girl and a boy in charge of a hay cart and shire horse. It is by Meadow Farm along the Buckland Road. The style of cart is that of an Oxford cart.

Suzanne White says
"This is a photograph that I have recently found of my great grandfather as a boy, Edward William Portlock (Clarke) - born in 1893 with his sisters Elsie and Eva Portlock outside a cottage where they lived at the time, along the Buckland Road as seen on the 1901 and 1911 census (I found the cottages on google and although now extended can clearly see they are still there). I think the picture would have been taken somewhere around 1906/8. I think the lady with them could be their mother who was called Elizabeth and I think her maiden name could have been Radband-Shepard but if that is the case I can’t find out too much about her."

Bampton Community Archive

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