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Knitted Coronation Post Box Crown

  • BCA - 2024.6907
  • Item
  • 10th May 2023

The post box topper was made by two talented ladies:Mandy Wileman and Lynn Smith of St. Mary's Court. It was made to celebrate the coronation of King Charles 111. Mandy also crocheted two post box toppers to celebrate Morris Dance Day. Sadly, one was stolen and the second was thrown into the road. These two stoic ladiies were not to be beaten. They crocheted a beautiful Christmas tree, which they took to the Market Square and displayed at the switching-on of the Christmas lights. This enabled them to raise £25.00 for the charity; Help for Heroes. Well done, Mandy and Lynn.

Janet Newman

Ancient Society of Foresters Friendly Society

  • BCA - 2022.3773
  • Item
  • 1900?

Beautiful Illustrated Certificate (unfilled) to Certify membership of Ancient Oder of Foresters Friend Society; Before our National Health System came into being in July 1948, people could pay a little each week into a club or Friendly Society and if they should find themselves unable to work through illness or accident.

Janet Westman

Easter Bonnet Competition 1987

  • BCA - 2024.6895
  • Item
  • 1987

Photographs of Easter Bonnet Competition held in 1987 those included in photos are Betty Craddock, Josie Buckingham, Ruth Wheeler, Sharon Foreshew, Janet Newman, Mrs Elward. taken at the War Memorial.

Janet Westman

PUMPKIN CLUB Dwile Flunk Rules

  • BCA - 2024.6894
  • Item
  • 1980

Newspaper cutting about PUMPKIN CLUB's Dwile Flunking competition.
and Handwirtten account of the rules of the game.
Glossary of Flunkers terms
Welcome to the club’s 1982 Dwile Flunk for the Dwile Flunk Challenge Chamber Pot. In case you are new to the game here is a glossary of Flunker’s terms to help you follow the action.

  1. GIRTERS The fielding or dancing team
  2. DRIVELLER The Stick used by the Flunker
  3. SWADGE Miss the Girters completely when Flunking
  4. DWILE A towel soaked in stale ale
  5. FLUNK Throw the Dwile from end of Driveller
  6. A WANTON A strike with the Dwile to a Girter’s head scoring 3 points to the Flunkers’ team
  7. A SHANKLE A strike to the Girter’s body between shoulders and waist scoring 2 points to the Flunker
  8. A MAWTHER A strike by the Flunker between feet and waist od the Girter scoring one point
  9. SWADGE COPER Custodian of the Driveller
    Teams will toss a coin to decide which team will be Girters in the first leg.
    Girters will form a circle holding hands.
    The first Flunker from the opposition will take his position in the centre of the circle holding the Driveller. At a given signal the musician will play and the Girters will dance round the Flunker. The musician will stop at any time and the Girters must freeze where they are. The Flunker lifts the Dwile from the pail of stale ale, using the driveller, and throws it at the Girters between the lines masking the flunking area. The Referees will record a Shankle Mawther, wanton or a swadge.
    For Shankles, Mawthers and wantons, the Girter must drink a pint straight down from a chamber pot or pour it over his own head. In the event of a Swadge the Flunker must drink or pour it over himself, The game continues until all members of both teams have flunked once. Winners will be the team with the highest points. DID YOU UNDERSTAND ALL THAT?. NEVER MIND. ENJOY IT.
    Pictured are Bill Govier, John Shuker, Bill Daniels and Arnold Woodley. Jimmy Wheeler and Jamie Wheeler

Janet Westman

Bampton Brownies 1973

  • BCA - 2024.6888
  • Item
  • 1973

Photo of Bampton Brownies at summer camp with leader Ann Cook . Georgina Elliot-Dew on the right, blue top and holding a yellow mug. Claire Wythes 3rd from the right (If you don’t count the person who has been partially cut out) in a grey top, Karen Furminger next to Mrs Cook on left . Maybe Pauline Hambidge next to Georgina Elliot-Dew

Janet Westman

St Mary's Choir Barbeque 2019

  • BCA - 2024.6869
  • Item
  • 2019

Set of Photographs taken on June 9th 2019 showing the members of St. Mary's Choir, Bampton enjoying a Barbeque at Glebe Farm Black Bourton

Janet Westman

Bampton Street Fair 1984

  • BCA - 2023.4132
  • Item
  • 1984

Witney Gazette advertisement for the Bampton Street Fair of 1984, with small adverts of local Bampton businesses.
A Simmonds in Market Square, sold everything from birdseed and dog food to shoe polish and fresh bread and Cakes. Mr Simmonds was well liked and respected.
Wilsons Estate Agents ,
Butleres of Bampton Local Wine merchant
Emmie Papworth Newsagents
F Ham Market Square sold ladies and gents shoes
Patrick Strainge Butchers, Duttons Wine merchants, Beers Spirits Fruit and vegetables Delicatessen
WJ Lock & Son Local Builder and Contractor Painter and Decorator
J Temple Hardware DIY Gardening Fishing Tackle

Janet Westman

Bampton Football Team 1965

  • BCA - 2023.4106
  • Item
  • 1965

Photograph of Bampton Football Team in 1965
Back row:- Albert Radband, George Dafter, Derek Bowden, Brian Sarahs, Simon ‘Bammy’ Goddard, Rodney Adams, Pete Holton, Frank Hudson, Jimmy Townsend, Phil Hewitson, Pete Wheeler, Tony Siford, Mick Cleaver, Jack Lawrence.
Middle row:- John Marston, Terry Craven, Roger Siford, Frank Barrett, Eric Truman, George Siford, Willy Truman, Andy Martin. Front row:- Keith Waite, Maurice Walsh, Cyril Smith, Henry Barber, Danny Danford, Brian ‘Brusher’ Radband and Micky Smith

Janet Westman

Elephant and Castle Men's side

  • BCA - 2023.4102
  • Item
  • 1978

Photographs of the men's football club from the Elephant and Castle that played against Dean Farm Eggs at Brize Norton
Team names: Steve Pearce, Lionel Cook, Ben Tanner, Tom Papworth, Adrian Dunsby, Tom Tanner, Ollie (Jasper)Walsh, Brian Kew, Michael Wheeler, Frank Godwin, Brian Radband (Brusher), Robert Radband
Jasper Walsh – “What a team , plenty of skills and hangovers on a Sunday morning. I think we played 4:4:2 or was is 5:3:2?? We had to have de-brief back at the elephant pub; great fun.”

Janet Westman

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